Trayvon Martin

We have a 17-year-old kid pleading for his life while a half-wit like Gerlado Rivera is left worrying about him wearing a hoodie? History went from people with hoods on killing us, to now getting killed because we are wearing hoods? Everyone has the right to protect their family and property, if that’s what they are doing. Nonetheless, that law in Florida is due for repeal because not everything that is “legal” is moral or right. There is a big difference between a “neighborhood watch” and somebody “watching the neighborhood!”

Malik Yusuf, Songwriter and Spoken Word Artist

It has been a month since Trayvon Martin was killed. A month. How does a justice system not even take a simple action after the public has made a storm in the headlines demanding justice. He was 17 years old. Attached a “neighborhood watchman” (not a policeman) who has a history of doing things he is not supposed to. Furthermore, the fact that Martin was black has been the talk to media- and rightfully so. Blatantly being thought of as suspicious for wearing a hoodie and being black walking in a dominantly non-black residential area cannot be a concern for the neighborhood self appointed watchman with a gun.

Apparently, Zimmerman said that the boy attacked him first and exchanged hostile words and he acted on self defense. How does anyone, especially a child in this case, not be concerned and start running if a large man in an SUV was following him that night? How is it possible that Zimmerman, twice the size of Martin, be “attacked” by the skinny 17 year old who apparently managed to get on top of him, and furthermore- how can he shoot the boy who cried for help and asked to please not shoot him? Black or white or whatever race- a boy was shot by a man twice his size after he cried for help and begged to be left alone.

Given the nature of the story, and people involved (and not involved), and the media’s reaction, as well as the issue of race involved (seriously America, its 2012), I do not see a ‘fair’ trial anywhere written here, jury or no jury. And it is true- the entire story has not been out there yet. What exactly happened is not clear. But in this day and age, the play of race, gun laws, and communities of complex relationships between authority and citizenship makes this case all that more important and demanding of answers.

Where is the accountability?