Happy 2016.

Eight years ago, I started this blog to record my thoughts through all of my travels. Lately, I haven’t really recorded my thoughts as much as I should. I’ll get back on that. I do tweet a lot, which has become the nature of the game when you work in a social media platform.

I will keep this short- my tops of 2015:

  • Cities traveled in 2015- US: Santa Cruz, Boston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, New York, Laurel, Mississippi, New Orleans. World: Tokyo, Japan!
  • Best city I ate in 2015: San Francisco. Some of the best carefully poached eggs, Japanese sushi in a grocery store, and oysters, oysters, oysters.
  • My favorite trip was to Tokyo, Japan in November for eight days. It was the first time I went back to the country since leaving in 1992 as a child.
  • I saw my best friends from college twice this past year- an unusual feat. First was over the summer at our five year reunion at Wellesley College, and then in Mississippi to celebrate Magdalen wedding (the first in our group). Both events marked how much we have been forced to grow.
  • Number of times traveled to Phoenix: more than a dozen. I was lucky to live in the West Coast and have my mother around. If you know me and my family, this was unusual and a blessing, while being a difficult transition for my family. Thanks for the support. (Best thing eaten in Phoenix? My mom’s chicken roast with rosewater every time, and beef tongue tacos at some random place with fluorescent lights that my sister takes me to.)
  • Best late discovery of the year: Shabu Shabu in Nabe. We fell in love with this little shop sipping on spicy miso soup and cooking slices of raw kobe beef and mushrooms (only I, eat the vegitables). Given my new home is cold all the time, I realized I actually can repeat a certain experience over and over again.
  • Exhibition to remember: Picasso sculptures in MOMA, New York.
  • Color of the year: #blue
  • Breakfast that revolutionized my life was realized in 2015: steel cut oatmeal. But only the way Twitter cafeteria makes it. I always wondered why Americans loved this bland thing but I get it now and I can’t describe it.
  • Best indulgent discovery: The famous Tartine Bakery in San Francisco. I have only been here three times, twice with my sister and once with my parents. I say indulgent because the $5-$6 fluffy, buttery croissants are heavy, delicious, warm, and gives you feelings you reserve for your loved ones. Worth the morning wait with my cup of coffee from a no-name corner store.
  • Best gift: My father. Happy to spend time with him this year, show him my work and that his daughter can take him out to eat now and pay her own phone bills.
  • Best next gift: a beautiful silver watch full of meaning in the beginning of the year. It was picked without knowledge and slips into my wrist every morning. You know who you are, thank you for picking this as your first toke to me.

There is a theme of food on this post- expect it to seep into Lyrics this year. San Francisco and  Anthony Bourdaine does something to you.



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