Update from Kenya

The plan to return to this platform has been one of those things that’s been nagging me– it’s like returning your aunt’s phone call who lives an ocean away (literally)– you promise to yourself that you will get to it and other things come up and you keep forgetting but you do mean well and it’s not that you don’t like her or anything…

The blog started in 2009  as a way for me to log my traveling experiences, starting with Egypt where I studied abroad. I think it is fitting that on that theme I get back to this blog. I am currently writing from Nairobi, Kenya, a country in a region that I have been thinking of traveling to forever but didn’t realize it could happen. When the opportunity came, I took it in a heartbeat. But before getting to Kenya, it is only fair to give a little update.

Since March, my last post, I have completed my MPA at Cornell, graduated, enjoyed the warm weather in upstate New York, packed up, and traveled around the East Coast, including a week back in my favorite city, Boston. I got a tan, I have eaten a lot of roasted corn, and also managed a few weeks in Arizona with my family. That is probably the shortest summary I can give for the purpose of this blog and what it symbolizes– this is not a personal diary. 

Returning to Kenya: I came here on June 2, so it has been a few days. It was the longest journey I have ever taken (and I have taken a lot of long flights). It went from Phoenix to 5 hour layover in Chicago, to 8 hours flight to Brussels (all made painful by the fact that I had to fly United, internationally…), and then an 11 hour flight from Brussels to Nairobi, with a one hour stop in Kigali, Rwanda in between. Needless to say, I spent the next day passed out in a very comfortable bed at my friend Bev’s apartment. Which brings me to purpose– it just so happened that one of my best, closest friends, Bev, was in Nairobi finishing her Princeton in Africa fellowship so I jumped at the opportunity. We went to college together and have a history of traveling, with our friendship beginning in Morocco of all places back in 2008 on a Wellesley wintersession trip. 

So in the next two weeks or so, I will try my best to post on Nairobi like my travel posts in the past. It will not be frequent, but hopefully, relative. Seeing as upon my return to the US this blog might turn more America centric, or rather, California centric, I hope the summer can bring me back to my hobby of writing and embarking in uncomfortable spaces. 



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