It is obvious that I have been a bit MIA in terms of updating this blog and allowing myself to address pertinent issues of our recent times (which there have been many). I do not want to make excuses but here it goes: graduate school. I have just completed my first semester at Cornell and it has been a ride, emotionally and physically. First of all let me say that I love(d) it. I loved being back in academic, forcing myself to understand complicated texts, analyze briefs, meet deadlines, and create presentations. I loved taking on new subjects (accounting? corporate law?) and at the end, doing well in the courses. I liked seeing the rewards of my hard work that only academia does in a certain way that nothing else can. Graduate school has been the best decision for me at this time.

Being at Cornell after spending a good chunk of time abroad has also given me a new kind of culture shock that I did not face in Arizona over the summer. It is hard to explain and put a finger on it, but I hope to soon, one day. I also had to struggle with some life changes over the past four months that required a lot of energy and personal evaluation– a kind I have never had before and one I am still struggling with. You know how people say that you “grow” in new situations? I hope that whatever I am going through, is indeed, growth.

Some of the obvious ambiguity aside, I hope that I can continue to contribute my thoughts here and use it as a venue to express myself.




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