A version of the Christmas Tree

Over the weekend, I attended a party hosted by the lovely Monica Chowdhury and Akku Chowdhury at their beautiful home in Old DOHS. The party was in honor of Bangladesh’s 40 years of independence. It was a really nice gathering and as always, their house was warm and lovely, all of their art work and antique collections to be viewed with curiosity. In particular, their Christmas tree was especially, well, cool. Akku Sir has had the tree for years which his son  would decorate when he visited Bangladesh.

3 thoughts on “A version of the Christmas Tree

  1. Thanks Olinda it was nice to have you join us. The tree is older then my son…its actually the root of an old Tea Bush that I had collected from Monipur Tea Gardens almost 25 or 26 years ago and has been our official X-mas tree. Our son grew up getting his gifts from under the tree and helping me and his mom Colleen decorate it. Like most Christmas tree decorations ours have many old pieces from all over the world and always a new item is added on…

  2. Thank you Akku Sir for the party! I loved the tree and the story behind it. It is indeed very unique and such a conversation catcher. Happy holidays!

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