The day before.

Luggage allowed: two checked in, max, weighing 40 kg all together. 40kg is all I can take for a year abroad to embark on what I hope will be an eye opening experience in Bangladesh. 40 kg so far is comprised of clothes, shoes, and hygiene products even though people I know in Dhaka tell me that you can find “everything here”. But while I believe that, I also need to use things close to home, something that will give me comfort in a world opposite of what I know.

I am currently sitting in my living room in Saudi Arabia avoiding the packing and ready-ing. You would think that after all the time that I have spent traveling before and especially during Wellesley, I would having this process known as ‘packing’ to perfection but false- my mother has not given up an opportunity to tell me that I am going about it the wrong way and reminding me of what to do. I have to say she is right most of the time.

I am leaving on the 5:45 am flight via Saudi Arabia Airlines to Dhaka, 4+ hour journey that I have been waiting for since April when I found out that I was granted the Fulbright for Bangladesh. The catch- I don’t actually have my exit/ re-entry visa from the Kingdom yet. So…I am not actually sure if I am allowed to leave the country and like most things here, I am about to find out last minute if in fact they have granted it to me today, or if I have to reschedule my flight. I am hoping for good news. It is already the afternoon and no word yet though.

Hearing about my friends who are already well into their first jobs, graduate schools, fellowships and embodying adulthood over the summer have been inspiring and now I am about to join that realm. I am ready to start my Fulbright, first by the training and language study that we are going to go through until December, and then my ETA starting in January. Here I say adieu to my long, long summer and I welcome the real world again. You know who you are when I say to keep in touch and find me on Skype. I look forward to keeping this blog up as much as possible and talking with you guys about the many ups and challenges I am about to face and tackle.


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