Travel “journal” bought.

On a whim, I just purchased a small travel notebook for the upcoming year from Anthropologie in Tucson, Arizona. It is a small notebook with blank cream-toned pages inside, in a leather covering with magenta velvety flowers carved on it. The woman covered the notebook in crisp paper and taped it in a felt sticker, like one wraps meat at the counter in the grocery store. The purchase made me just a bit more excited (thus warranting its own entry here) because it makes my whole trip to Bangladesh that much more real.

I don’t use my travel notebooks to record my days- that is what the blog is for. Rather, I use it to write down notes, directions, phone numbers, observations, words and phrases, and other information. The one I have from Cairo is a small black leather-bound book filled with phone numbers and ways to tell a taxi driver how to get from one place to another, and yell at them too. The one from India includes phone numbers of delivery places, Hindi phrases for numbers that were used when I needed to haggle, and names of food. Both contained drawings of architectural pieces around the city. I like to compare these kinds of notebooks because you get a feel for what you were doing in that moment, and what was important and not important becoming a foreigner in a country.

I can’t wait to fill this new one.

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