In the wake of International Women’s Day…

“Human rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are human rights”– Hillary Clinton

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday said her government would repeal the laws discriminatory to women and soon make the National Women Development Policy effective.

Could include:

– female empowerment

– re-defining the laws surrounding woman’s property rights.

– education

– employment

The prime minister urged mothers to give equal attention to their sons and daughters since discrimination sparks from within the family.


According to the Inter-Parliamentary Union, Bangladesh ranked 67th in terms of female participation in politics, surpassing neighboring India (99th).Pakistan ranked at 50th.



Reading list for International Women’s Day, click here.

Includes: The Widsom of Whores, by Elizabeth Pisani, Dividing Citizens: Gender And Federalism In New Deal Public Policy by Suzanne Mettler, and Counting for Nothing by Marilyn Waring.


The Colors of Warka: Paintings by Iraqi Women– US State Department


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