Gabourey Sidibe

Sidibie just featured in New York Time’s Nifty 50.

Blogger Stephen Heyman states that the ” holiday season provided Sidibe with a novel respite: a chance to get back to her old self.” Get it straight: Gabourey Sidibe is not Precious. This is difficult for some of Sidibe’s fans to grasp. “Most people understand the point of the film — it deals with abuse, and neglect, and self-esteem,” she said in a recent phone interview. “They just don’t get that I’m a real person. And I tell them, ‘This is not my story. That didn’t happen to me.’”

Sidibie was also recently veatured on both Vogue and Bazaar magazine. She told Bazaar:

I feel like a model. It justifies everyone in my life who told me I wouldn’t be anything until I lost weight. It justifies that little girl who cried because she didn’t think she could be in front of the camera. And it’s for other girls who feel like they can’t do this or that and feel like they’re not pretty and not worthy of having their photo taken.

The roles that she has been getting offered for have not been rosy ones, including playing a bully and playing in a dark comedy. And of course articles written about her since have focused on her “sefl-esteem”, weight, etc. And she has expressed that it upset her how critics have foused on her overweight body more so as a charateristic in the movie Precious. It would be interesting to see if the buzz around her would not ask about the obvious (thought I think you can’t get away with it- the weight factor definately makes this whole situation unique, especially in Hollywood). It is certainly healthy to see her embrace the fact, and claim that she does not feel the pressure to lose weight (would that mke her, giving in?).

The girl is cute; asked about ads:

“I’d probably advertise cherry soda. Cherry soda … um, muffins … something sexy … I know, cherry-muffin soda!”

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