Passanger Bill of Rights

The federal government will impose big fines starting this spring on airlines that keep passengers waiting on the tarmac too long without feeding them or letting them off the plane.

About time!

Cannot tell how many times this has happened where I get on the plane eagerly and then we don’t leave for 2 or even 3 hours…though by the time it hits 2 hours I pass out. And then when I land I have to run to catch my next plane wich is not always pleasent when you have carryones (thanks airlines for charing me $20 for bags to be checked.). Getting fed- good idea too.

Airlines that let a plane sit on the tarmac for more than two hours without giving passengers food or water, or more than three hours without offering them the option of getting off, will face fines of $27,500 a passenger, the secretary of transportation.

I wonder how they got to $27,500 as the value of a passenger’s time wasted in a plane but…how about I get that money as compensation? Great. (Yes, aware it won’t happen).

To read more on Obama’s Passanger Bill of Rights click here.

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