Losing wallets, what a thrill.

Strange things have been happening to me lately- my computer breaks down, my camera is broken, I lose my cell phone few weeks ago, and then yesterday, my wallet goes missing.

So I carry this big black bag that actually works like Hermoine’s beaded bag (Harry potter reference, of course)- everything and anythin gis in there, good luck finding it. And I always have a nagging feeling that one day I will have something stolen since its so big and easy to reach into.

Yesterday, I go to my last class for Arabic review and get there to see that my big fat wallet is missing. Of course, I am trying to be calm but cannot even think to be calm, and end up running around campus in the 100+ degree heat looking for my wallet. And it is not as if people are all too helpful, especially when I don’t even know how to say wallet in Arabic (but I can tell you how to say words like military, development, government, to stretch, and the likes in Arabic. Interesting.) to the guards and front desk people.

I get a phone call from my friend and she is trying to tell me that it is ok, I will find it, my parents can wire me the money, and no I probably won’t get my card mailed back to me in time, etc. I am thinking, good bye Istanbul trip, coffee trips, driving in America, health insurance, and hello eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches until I get back home.

Anyways, I had to go to the Pepsi Gate on campus which was about a fibve minute walk in the desert past all the shiny cars to lost and found.

Lost and found guy: yes?

Me: “sob* I lost my wallet, *sob* maybe someone *sob* brought it in? *wiping tears*

Lost and found guy: Name?

Me: O-o-olinda

Lost and found guy: *nods*

Me: *eyes wide and not about to get my hopes up*

And then, there it is, someone DID turn it in, to my surprise. I was so ecstatic I wanted to hug the man, but then thought better of it as I realized I am still in Egypt and that would be highly inappropriate, and then wanted to give him money, to which he looked stunned and I think, offended. Anyways, he bid me farewell and I was a happy camper with my wallet, aka life in my hands.

I got seriously, seriously lucky.


It was my third time to lose my wallet. I lost my wallet once senior year in high school and did not tell my mom anything because I had my license in there, and still wanted to drive around (yes, terrible idea), and out of embarrassment. Plus I did not have any money, or credit cards and grown up papers. Two weeks later we get a mailbox from Barnes and Noble in our neighborhood in Tucson with a friendly note that said that they found it in Lost and Found and here it is. My mother of course didn’t let me drive for a week after that incident.

And then I lost it last summer in India when I was shopping at Connaught Place in their underground stores and had a women steal it from me. This was a very local place, and while tourists go there, you have to be used to bargaining, being harassed, and density of people to actually shop there.  It was the day before I was flying to Bangladesh to visit my family for the weekend, and again, had  small breakdown as the police, business representatives of CP and union leaders came to see what happened. The woman who stole it from me was upstairs  and we made this little trap where she came downstairs, and I had to body search everyone, and found it. She was hysterical and swore she did not take my wallet even though she had it inside her dress. I had to write my first ever police report. I could not believe my luck, again.  I  was also embarrassed because I gathered a crowded and had to be  followed by one of the union leaders out of CP and get help getting a taxi. I paid the driver double what he asked and I can still remember his shock today.

I really do need to be more careful.

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