Technology problems- last thing you need in Cairo

Last week it was the laundry, and this week it has evolved to my laptop and cell phone.

I took my laptop, which has been dying, into AUC’s tech services on Thursday and I was told that all of my data has been damanged and nothing could be done to resolve the issue. All of my documents, photos, programs, everything. Panic led me to a somewhat emotional outburst, followed by consultation with my mother and father and then some other study abroad students and students in the computer science department.  So now I am told that data cannot just all evaporate, it is still probably there, and not to worry about what technology “experts” are telling you at AUC after they insert a copy of some disk into your computer.

I have send emails to about a dozen data recovery centers in New York City asking for quotes and hoping that whatever happened to my computer, I can still get some of the information back. So, me being laptop-less continues in Cairo, this time learning that I may just have lost most of my work from the last couple of years.


Further, on the same day I lost my cell phone somewhere between Mojito’s, this rooftop restaurant and lounge in the Nile Hotel to the Imperial boat on the Nile River in Zamalek. I basically had to go back to the Nile Hotel after realizing this that night and looked for my phone as the wind blew and loud house music blared at Mojito’s. And people tried to help, and then offer me their cell phones for free. I am not sure if I have ever asked for the genuinity of people so many times before.

So today, I went back to Nile Hotel in the afternoon to give one last try. Mojito’s really is a gorgeous place- on the huge rooftop of the hotel,you can see allof Cairo on all sides, (including shadows of the pyramids in Giza), and parts of it are covered in canopies. There are these beautiful wooden chairs and couches everywhere, and a very nicely designed interior. At night there are candles and nice light fixtures and music turning the whole place into a more exclusive site.

The manager welcomed me and contacted his staff to find my phone but was unsuccessful, sadly. But he was so sorry that he made me stay and enjoy one of their tables and offered fresh juices and snacks for free and to just “enjoy the Cairo sun”. Quite wonderful, and not a complete loss by any means.

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