When daily routines go wrong…

From last week:

After sleeping in three days in a row past the afternoon, having to wake up at 6 am is never a great idea. What is worse is when you wake up with your entire right eye feeling like ten pounds is lying on it only to see it red and swollen on your mirror.

Dabbing myself in hot water and missing my first class, there I am on that bus three hours later with my lage sunglasses on to face the day. First thing I head to the clinic on campus where they don’t tell me what is wrong with me but rather prescribes me antibiotics that I have never heard of.

2 days later: My eyes are fine, completely healed, without any meds. I still wish I knew what it was.

I went to the laundry later that day and picked up my clothes where I noticed that a new shirt I bought had a hole in the front. I thought, hmm ok maybe I did that. False- I turn it around and there are little holes all over the left side like as if some animal chewed on it and spit it out and that got sowed back on. What happened? I still have yet to find out because the supervisor is never in when I conviniently appear in the laundry… and this is the longest I have ever gone not seeing the head lady in the office. Interesting.

I am also missing a shirt, a paid of earrings, and a converter in my room that I am hoping I will find so very soon when I am about to leave. Still, we have people clean our room every week, where could they have gone?

Furthermore, there is officially never soap in the bathroom, and there are dead, dry flowers all over the bathroom left from easter that are never going tobe taken away it seems because of the beauty they provide us in out daily washing experience.

I found a bed bug last night.


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