Kill all the pigs, now- the Swine Flu in Egypt

My mother told me last night that if things “don’t get better” in North America they are going to reconsider sending me back for the summer. I told her that was silly. She informed me that a Bengali man died of it in Canada, it was on their Bengali channel news, and therefore, it is officially bad news.

Egypt’s response?

Kill all the pigs.

Some may call this an “aggressive effort” but must realize that in this prominently Islamic region people do not eat pigs, so somewhere out there religious men and women are happy to have this take place. The UN has called the “massacre” of about 400,000 pigs in this country  “a real mistake”. These pigs are usually found in the poorer areas of Egypt taken care of the Coptic Christian minority in Cairo, usually raised in slum areas being fed the extra “garbage” food or leftovers.

“To handle the mass culling, army slaughterhouses were drafted into service to help overwhelmed pork slaughterhouses” was what Fox News had to say about that. Army slaughterhouses- this does not sound right, at all.


According to the Washington Post:

Confirmed sickened worldwide, 659

397 in Mexico, 161 in U.S., 51 in Canada, 15 in Spain, 13 in Britain, six in Germany, four in New Zealand,  two in Israel, France and South Korea, one each in Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Hong Kong, Denmark and the Netherlands.

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