Done with midterms…

Unlike Wellesley, midterms at AUC actually mean midterms (we call all exams at Wellesley ‘midterms’, maybe to scare us girls more than necessary). My last week before spring break was spent just so-


– The TA of my political science class claims he did not get my paper, which should worry me except that I know it was turned in, on time, with my name and initials written on each page. And my professor is not even here, so I can’t discuss it further. So I am just going to hope it turns up inhis desk because I know I turned it in (comparing Nasser and Sadat in Egypt). 

– My other political science professor maded us put all of our backpacks in front of the class, hand in our cell phones to her front desk (which was a task for most of the Egyptians who on average have 2-3 cell phones each), mp3 players, ipods, and related electronics, and seat ourselves with space for at least one between each of us. And 50 minutes to finish two essays, and ending up giving us 20 more minutes extra. 

– My art professor was really puzzled when I told her that I could not take her midterm last Wednesday because of my flight, and proceeded to be really confused that unlike other students at AUC I cannot just go and change flights and afford that, and told me that she had no idea what to do, and to talk to her TA when I got back to arrange taking the exam. I love that the TA has greater power in this instance than my professor. 

– We were able to easily tell my Arabic professor that we couldn’t take our exam that week because half od us were flying out, and now I have a nice little exam emailed to me in my inbox. Yay spring break!

Midterms aside, I am spending my break having to meet deadlines of my home university for classes, seminar applications, internship contracts, etc. Not very easy when you are abroad, I realize, but I got myself into that little issue. 

I have spent the past several weeks entertaining my family, and before that my friends in Cairo, which was amazing. So nice to show others around the city and realize how well you have become accustomed to the country. I love how people in vairous stores actually know my face in Zamalek, many my name. After spring break, just a little over a month left in Cairo.

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