Absolutely NOT happy that I am on campus 5 hours before class. So here is an update.

This is the second time that my teacher has canceled class and not notify us, leading to my already aggravated self being more annoyed than really necessary this early in the morning. It is the third time she has canceled class, on one of which we did get a text message telling us that we were excused. Except I didn’t get the text message and on that I happened to be coming back from my trip to Luxor so I got lucky. Today, no text. Which means that my four hour of sleep in order to get up at 6 am to shower, get dressed, and catch the 7 am bus for the 45 minute ride here and spending 20 minutes reviewing my Arabic homework was useless. And here I am at the library that just opened few minutes ago typing away the frustration as I have about 4 more hours to kill. Welcome to Egypt.

So what to do for the next few hours. Seeing as it is Thursday (which is our version of Friday in the US), I didn’t bring other homework with me since I believe in relaxing at the end of the week as a treat to myself. I will send a few emails, and I guess do a drastic search for a place to live over the summer in New York City. I have indeed decided to accept the internship at Social Accountability International, part of the American Cities program at Wellesley for the summer. I am absolutely excited about interning with an organization that works with international business rights and labor causes, and in one of the most exciting cities in the world. Me and trying new places…it is an addiction.

But I need to find a place to live, and so far craiglist is helping, but it would be nicer if I got some replies. It pains me to realize I will be spending over $1000 per month for a room probably the size of a walk in closet in the city, but I guess it should not surprise me. And not to mention that every email I send I have to tell them that hey, I am in Cairo and there really is no way to talk on the phone unless you want a fat bill but have faith in me, I have good credit! So far people, especially New Yorkers have laughed and wished me luck when I told them I will be there over the summer. Absolutely no faith in me, but that just gives me more motivation to prove them wrong. A room somewhere in Upper West Side for two months that will hopefully cost me less than a grand per month. Piece of cake, with icing on top.

I am traveling again this weekend- I am going to Sinai for the weekend- we are going to climb Mt. Sinia, also known as “Moses Mountain”, in the Sinai Peninsula, on the Red Sea. We are going to climb it Friday night and hopefully see the sunrise. And then we are going to Dahab, on the southern coast of the Sinai Peninsula where I will relax, enjoy the Red Sea, maybe snorkel (there are beautiful reefs adjacent to the coast, so I think I cannot miss out on that), and quad bike, windsurf, and basically go with the flow, my favorite kind of trips.  We are renting out a large bus to take us there, stay in a relatively cheap hotel (only 35 LE per night), and hopefully get to see another new part of Egypt. 

So while I try to figure out a home that is not a cupboard box on 44th street and do a bit more research for my weekend, let us hope I don’t pass out right in this computer table.

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