Getting around Zamalek

So it has been about a week here, and most of it has been spent in Zamalek, a place that I realize is pretty exclusive and for the wealthy. Pizza Hut and McDonalds are revered here, but I am fortunately found my little family owned stores that have the falafels and shwarmas that also cost about a dollar. I am risking all the health warnings (not eating salads or vegitables because they may not be washed, not to eat food that has been sitting out for a while, etc.) because they are way more delicious than the American fast food that everyone seems to crowd.

The falafel place is a new one that I went to two days ago. I went in yesterday by myself and the workers introduced themselves to me, told me I was pretty and gave me a discount. Falafel sandwish and coke for 3 pounds. Excellent.

Everything is pretty much confusing here when you first come, especially since the streets are narrow and so many of the same cars line it up. But of course, knowing full well that you have to get used to the place, I am now able to find my way around without running into the same people on the street corners. Taxi drivers laugh at me when I try to direct them.

Also, when you walk you have to be careful because you don’t know what you will step on, weather its dirt, fluids you don’t want to know where it came from, cats napping, etc. I have been offered hash by street kids twice already who look at me with amusement when I politely refuse with a smile.

My Arabic is coming to some use here, and I am learning more. Still, I don’t think I will ever be able to speak as fast as Egyptians here.

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